My New Year’s SMART Resolution


With New Year’s Day comes the obligatory and often unsuccessful New Year’s Resolution. Over the years I have tried and failed to lose weight, get healthy, be organised, save money and spend more time with my family.

This year I’ve decided to make a change and apply the skills I’ve already gained in my PR degree to create my own SMART objective for 2015, instead of a resolution, with hope that I’ll actually achieve something and make a tangible change.

In case you’re unaware, SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed.


Most organisations use SMART objectives to set clear targets and ensure there is no ambiguity between departments or employees. These kinds of targets are used accross all industries and are often seen in both PR and Marketing. In defining a clear goal with a deadline and outcome that is easy to evaluate I’m more likely to succeed.

I’ve decided that this year I will endeavour to get healthy and lose some weight.

However, that resolution isn’t very specific at all. How much weight do I want to lose? If I lost a pound over the course of the year I could say that I’ve reached my objective, although I wouldn’t have achieved the desired results.

So, I’ll clarify my resolution and say that this year I will lose two stone.

As losing weight is easily measurable I feel that I don’t really need to update this, however, “getting healthy” is a bit too ambiguous to be easily evaluated and so I will omit this from my 2015 goal.

Is my target attainable? I would say so. There are no real obstacles preventing me from reaching my goal of losing weight, or that would cause me to re-evaluate my objective.

Overall, I would say that losing two stone over the course of the year is realistic. It is not unachievable like dropping the same amount of weight in a month, nor is it too unattainable like healthily losing ten stone in a year.

Finally, I’ve given myself the timescale of one year to meet my objective. This will give me the date of 31 December 2015 to work to where I can evaluate the measurable results of my resolution to see if I’ve accomplished my goal.

This means that my original New Year’s Resolution of “getting healthy and losing weight” has evolved into the SMART objective of “I will lose two stone in weight by the 31 December 2015”.

In being specific with my objective, setting clear deadlines and targets that are easily evaluated I have already given myself a head start for 2015 with a resolution that I can realistically achieve with no ambiguity.